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At Finigan we are all about fostering Career-Readiness and want to help engage students in their Career options and get them thinking about their future.

With so many options (which can sometimes be unhelpful) there are some ways to learn about post school pathways without becoming too overwhelmed.

Find everything you need to make a successful transition through high school, and from high school into the ‘real world’ through our Careers webpage. Learn more about educational pathways, further study, short courses, finding work, building experience, work experience, possible pathways, life and money. Whilst you are on our Careers Webpage make sure you check out the Careers Clusters. The six Career Clusters group people together around common skills, tasks, outcomes, and work environments, and provide a different way to think about work.

You will also be able to reach out to our Careers Team for further support through the ‘Connect with us’ link on the Careers webpage. 

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