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About our school

Finigan School of Distance Education (FSDE) commenced operation at the start of the 2019 school year. FSDE is a purpose built K-12 distance education school located in Queanbeyan NSW. The school will commence with 97 full-time equivalent teaching staff and 1000 enrolments.

Our school continues the legacy of Walter Finigan, the first Principal of a distance education school in NSW (The Correspondence School). Finigan School of Distance Education is a purpose built K-12 distance education school committed to innovation and ensuring each and every student achieves their personal best.

The school has been specifically designed to meet the needs of distance education students and teachers. The main site includes 20 web lesson studios, a satellite lesson studio and 2 video production studios. Each teacher is equipped with a portable device which allows for the delivery of live lessons and the digital annotation of student work. Teachers also conduct field visits to provide face-to-face support for students.

FSDE is an equity provision for many students. We provide quality individualised learning programs for students who meet the criteria of one or more of the distance education enrolment categories. These include geographical isolation, travelling within Australia or overseas, medical conditions that prevent attendance at a face-to-face school, vocationally talented students and students with additional learning and support needs, including those with disability and students in extraordinary circumstances. FSDE also provides single course curriculum access for students attending face-to-face schools.

FSDE teachers are learning experience designers. They are committed to the provision of high quality, personalised learning experiences for every student through the innovative and flexible use of technology.

Walter Finigan