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Language eligibility declaration forms

Language eligibility declaration forms are designed to confirm your eligibility for a language other than English course.

Beginners languages eligibility declaration 

This declaration is designed to help verify your eligibility for a Board of Studies 2 unit Beginners course in a language other than English. Your eligibility will be determined in the first instance by your Principal or, if you study a Beginners course via the the Distance Education Centre, by the Principal of the Distance Education Centre.  If the information provided does not enable a clear determination of your eligibility to be made, the Principal of the school at which you intend to study the Beginners course will send the forms to the Board of Studies.  

Beginners Declaration Form (PDF 356KB)

Continuers languages eligibility declaration 

Use this form if you are applying for permission to undertake a continuers language course. 

Continuers Declaration Form (PDF 360KB)