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Introductory Booklet

The purpose of this booklet is to provide you, the student and/or the supervisor, with an easy to use resource on how distance education works and how to make the most of your distance education experience here at Finigan.

The staff at Finigan School of Distance Education understand that this may be a new and perhaps daunting venture for you and we extend a warm welcome. We assure you that we endeavour to make this an exciting and rewarding learning experience, whilst catering for your specific needs with professionalism and enthusiasm.

We urge both student and supervisor to take the time to read through this booklet and refer back to it when questions or concerns arise.

Please use this as your distance education survival guide. It provides all the important information you need to understand distance education.

Year 7-10 Introductory Booklet (PDF 576KB)

Year 11-12 Introductory Booklet (PDF 901KB)